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About Us

Founded in January 2006

Big Ears Media Group Pty Ltd has since launched three websites with a focus on supplying businesses within Australia with the tools and rescources it needs to keep that competitive market edge.

With the Launch, in March 2007, of as a Directory, Brokerage and Referral Service, we have seen rapid growth for Big Ears Media Group. Our focus with this site is on Capital City searches for when someone is looking for a specific product locally.

In August 2007 we decided to launch a sister site to Big Ears being, promoted as Noddy's Warehouse Directory for Australia. The focus of Noddy is to target business users that know the product they are looking for. These users are more likely to refine their searches within Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live and WebWombat search engines.

The more refined a search, the more legitimate the lead. For example, if someone doesn't understand the industry they are more likely to use one word searches, known as global keyphrases. These phrases are frequently used by Marketers, Research and SEO agents or generally someone trying to sell you something.

Our aim is to put Noddy on the first page of the above mentioned search engines for all refined product searches. Our focus is on 3, 4 and 5 word key phrases.

Find out more about these sites in our Media Stable.

In 2009 Expansion Was Well On Its Way

The next phase of our growth was to start developing websites for other companies. We called them Lead Generation Websites as they were developed to obtain a high profile positioning within Google Search for the products and/or services that they related to.

At the end of 2009 we had already amassed over twenty seven websites for companies that still to this day rank in the top ten for their industry.

With the hiring of our seventh staff member and our second graphic artist we began to form our specialised advertising agency with the main focus being on Interactive Advertising (Internet Advertising). As we travelled through 2010 our existing customers wanted us to provide them with a complete marketing solution involving the Internet and Print.

Big Ears Media Group Is Still Evolving

We still have a long way to go to be an industry leader but the baby steps we have been taking have made growth easy due to the solid infrastructure that we have created.

Since our inception our customers have been impressed by our success and the success they have achieved through us. We constantly strive to achieve more but none of this would be possible without the initial support from our key clients.






Director - David Crowe

His experience comes from over 30 years in the marketing and sales fields with the focus on B2B. After working with companies such as Emerald Media Group (Sydney Business Catalogues), Radio 4BH in Brisbane, National Car Connections in Sydney (Marketing), Enviro Pallets (NSW) Pty Ltd (Sales & Marketing) and the prestigous Variety Club (NSW) through Barry Martin Communications working on the Radio 2WS Special Childrens Christmas Party, he realised that the most important thing is to listen to the clients needs.

David has been involved with computers for over 20 years starting as a programmer in Basic and learning many other languages spanning well over 2 decades like, Pascal, Borlands C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C as well as HTML utilising Macromedia's Dreamweaver which is now part of the Adobe Stable.

Director - Janine Harrison

Janine's experience in the fields of education, market research and administration is an integral part of Big Ears Media Group's success.

Janine holds a BA (Hons) in English, MA (Hons) in Media and Communications, a Graduate Diploma in Education in addition to Graduate Certificates in Creative Writing. She is a published author and brings a diverse set of skills to the company.

Janine is invaluable in the areas of creative design, editing and market research.


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